The World Club Handball Championship "Super Globe" was launched in 1997 when it was hosted by "FINA", and the tournament was held in 13 editions, in which the champion teams from the seven continents participate.

In 2018, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia won the rights to host the tournament for the first time in its history and for a period of 4 consecutive years, as it hosted an exceptional version in 2019 in Dammam with the participation of 10 clubs for the first time in the history of the Super Globe tournaments, and Barcelona won its title for the third time in a row and the fifth in the history of Participation of the Spanish club in the tournament

The city of Dammam will host the tournament from 18-23 October 2022, with the participation of two teams from Saudi Arabia, “Mudhar” and “Khaleej”, alongside the champions in the seven continents, as usual.