Al Najma (Bahrain) VS CALHEAT (USA)

Al Najma (Bahrain)
2023-11-08 | 09:15 am
Ministry of Sports Hall in Dammam

Al-Najma achieves its first victory over CalHeat

The Bahraini side Al-Najma achieved its first victory over the American team CalHeat with a score of (29-22), on the second day of the  “Super Globe 2023.”  The match ended a short while ago at the Ministry of Sport Hall in Dammam, within the 4th group’s competitions

Al-Najma team raised its score to two points on par with the Polish team Kielce, while CalHeat’s score is the same without any points, with only one match remaining in the group between Kielce and CalHeat.

The first half of the match ended with Al-Najma leading with a score of (12-09), and Al-Najma player Mohamed Habib won the best player award in the match.